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The Heart Behind My New Brand

There’s several factors that went into “why” I decided to rebrand! The first main reason being that my business has grown more than I could’ve imagined in the past year! I have gone through a business name change, I’ve gone full time, I’ve found my style, I’ve reached my goal for weddings in 2019… There’s just so many things that I am thankful for. With all of this change happening, my previous logo + website just didn’t fully represent where I was at now in my business. As much as I loved everything about them, I had outgrown them. It was time to move on. Just as I change as a person, so does my brand + business!

The technical side of rebranding is that my Wix account was expiring soon. I had been dying to switch to Showit for about 6 months now, but it had intimidated me! Ya’ll- if you’re on the fence just like I was, DO IT! You won’t regret it! As for my logo- don’t worry, the sunflowers absolutely aren’t going anywhere!!! I needed something more classic, simplistic, and high-end to truly represent this season of my business. Wild Hyacinth Design did JUST that for me! Lauren fully captured everything I was looking for. She kept the southern/rustic theme alive! That is truly who I am!

Wild Hyacinth Designs Logo for Hannah Louise Photography

Just look how pretty it is! I am obsessed!!! So, ya’ll, if you think that something is just “not right” in your business, I highly recommend looking into rebranding! It might be the one little thing that is off. But, I do say this with experience, don’t go into it if you don’t know what you want! Take some time to sit down and get inspired. Going in blindly will only prolong the process and make it frustrating, lol!!


I hope you enjoyed learning about why I rebranded! I’m so excited to see where this year takes me!





April 4, 2019

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